Thrill-crazed space bugs on a mission from God!

Marienbad My Love is a B-movie voyage of dark violence, of vines strangling 

the pulpit and moths consuming the flag – and an important discovery of why so 

many people who appear to be alive are really dead. Is the filmmaker’s 

unrequited love interest among them? Is he? Perhaps he will find the answer – 

but only if he can find a way out of his prison, a way off the forsaken island 

he calls Marienbad.

Like a Hollywood blockbuster about the end of the world, Marienbad My Love 

plays to our millennial fascination with divine vengeance and the conclusion of 

time. But instead of Christian doctrines concerning the Apocalypse, this story 

deals in the eschatology of the everyday and the world of film. Richly populated 

with cinematic illusions, Marienbad My Love is a celluloid sci-fi nightmare of 

UFOs, extraterrestrials, human/alien hybrids, alternate histories, secret 

government conspiracies and evil corporate cabals.

Ten Reasons to Read Marienbad My Love

1. A giant orbiting UFO – It is an incredible sight – a white clock dial is 

bleeding through the thin cobalt sky. The psychic contrail is suspended in the 

high, thin stratosphere, an icy cirrus cloud of time. Somehow I understand that 

the government knows all about it, but has been keeping it a secret. Now that 

the Clock in the Air has been "de-cloaked," there is no denying its existence. 

Is it an alien spaceship? Perhaps – or it could be something far more 

significant: A sign from the Deity.

2. Nazi/alien collaborations - I find myself inside the command module, a 

clinical, domed room off a metallic hallway, a sleek 1950s B-movie set 

consisting of a curved corridor of polished steel, assorted German signage – 

“Actung!” – in a decidedly Luftwaffe font. 

3. Alien abductions - I rise from the table and glimpse my reflection in the 

polished metal walls. I appear exactly as before; the ordeal leaves no unseen 

marks or scars. And yet, something has changed. I view the future as contained 

in glowing drawers of human-insect hybrid fetuses.

4. Human/alien hybrids - We have just learned that the DNA of every human on 

the planet has been converted to that of an insect. We feel unchanged, but I 

comment to those around me that the outward transformation will begin soon. The 

new genetic code will transform us into new beings. And sure enough, I am right. 

The scene changes and I find myself standing over a comatose Allison. She is 

nude, covered in damp dirt. I am cleaning her with a sponge, revealing the 

beginning growth of an exoskeletal thorax. “We’ll all look like this soon,” I 

tell myself.


5. Mind control - “These technologies can’t be repeated, 

prevented or even revealed using current market technologies. Onbeam systems 

have been infiltrated with covert backdoor access points, where the black ops 

agents use Fluoride9 to gain entrance to the brain’s unconscious processing 

centers. Those of us who are victims of this mind control have found our 

attempts to fight the conspiracy regularly thwarted by technology that can 

penetrate EM and acoustic shielding, move objects at a distance, pull legs out 

from under people at a distance, propel a moving car sideways, make objects 

disappear and reappear in a new location, apply enough force to a building that 

it will make snapping noises, especially at night as you are just falling 

asleep, make people burp or pass gas when they least expect it, usually in 

public places around a lot of people, cause consumer appliances to fail shortly 

after the expiration of the warranty and give people sunburns on cloudy 


6. Religious insects from outer space - The giant cicada stands on its back 

legs, revealing an exoskeletal underbelly of armored plates the tint of washed 

out gray. A whirring, rasping voice comes out of a vibrating membrane on its 

thorax. “First remove the log from your own eye, then you can help your neighbor 

remove the speck from his.”

7. A mad scientist – “He’s offering free water, 

but don’t drink any. It’s just a ruse to introduce a new version of Fluoride9 

into the populace and create the world’s first privately-owned deity.”

8. An evil CEO - “Oh, Buckstop is totally insane. He is the quintessential 

narcissistic CEO. … Buckstop is using Summons Replisystems and Fluoride9 to take 

control of the onbeam infrastructure and stage a full blown corporate invasion 

of the collective unconscious. His goal is to rule the world.” 

9. A time-traveling, green-skinned monster of the unconscious - A strange 

wind sings down into the concrete silo, filling my nostrils with the salt air of 

1942 and the corroded metal stench of the U.S.S. Ethan Allen Hitchcock. I can 

hear the ozone gas hissing and crackling from the main reactor of the ship as 

the green-toned Fiend steps forward, exhaling crimson smoke and bits of sparking 


10. The end of the world - We shoot up into the sunlight like Lucifer blasted 

out of Hell. The alien sets me on my feet just in time to see the tornado tower 

collapse. It is a horror, a tangle of metal and anguished machinery cries. The 

turboprop detaches from its moorings and becomes airborne, flying into the 

neighboring pasture. Suddenly the ground rumbles. Buckstop’s missile is 

screaming into the sky on a surging pillar of fire. The stuttering roar of the 

rocket blast shakes the earth for miles around, flushing birds out of 

surrounding pastures and setting off nearby car alarms. A moment later there is 

a brilliant flash, a tremendous explosion just beyond the tree line. It is the 

dramatic volcanic eruption of my dream, another incredible revelation. Crimson 

fire rains down upon Strangers Rest. Rooftops are ablaze – including presumably 

my house. I picture its multi-gabled roof exploding in flames.